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Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Introducing an easy and beautiful way to enjoy healthy Organic Sirtfood Herbs all year round!

1. Decide what you will use, such as a glass bottle, mason jar or drinking glass for growing your Organic Sirtfood Herbs.

2. Dip a paper towel in alcohol or use an alcohol wipe to sterilize a knife or scissors.

3. Cut newer growth approximately 6 inches down from the top of each Organic Sirtfood Herb. It is harder to root a strong, older stem.

4. Fill bottle, jar or glass 2/3 of the way full with spring water that has a minimal amount of minerals.

5. Submerge the bottom portion of each Organic Sirtfood Herb in water and place in a sunny spot with good circulation.

6. Change the spring water a minimum of once per week.

7. As you cut off the herbs to use, new growth will grow and you should have a steady supply year round. Enjoy!

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