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Updated: Feb 19, 2023

How did you find out about the Sirtfood Diet?

I was about to give up on losing weight, but then I started praying about my weight and gave it up to God. I should have done that years earlier. Within 2 weeks of my prayer, I read about the Sirtfood Diet in Women's World Magazine in July of 2020.

What about the Sirtfood Diet interested you to start?

It resonated with me as if it were calling me. Being able to add foods that I hadn't tried before instead of constantly being deprived from eating certain foods was such a positive motivator.

What struggles did you face before you started the Sirtfood Diet?

I had my thyroid removed and every time I got on the scale afterwards, I gained 5 pounds. It was very scary for me because I wasn't even eating much food to cause the significant weight gain. My weight gain leveled off once I gained 50 pounds. For years, I tried many different diets such as Keto, Intermittent Fasting, South Beach, and more. I also tried every diet supplement I could find. All with no results.

What were your results from the Sirtfood Diet?

Every other day when I got on the scale, I dropped 2 to 3 pounds. I was ecstatic. I lost 55 pounds in 4.5 months – all the weight I had gained from the thyroid surgery and then some. I am now down to my high school size! I went from a size 18 to a size 6. I never in my wildest dreams thought this could happen. I now live what we call a Sirtfood Life.

What other benefits did you experience other than weight loss?

I burned fat but gained muscle mass ensuring I didn’t get flabby or wrinkly from the weight loss. I now have lots of energy like I’m 20 years old again. I always feel satisfied from food and never suffer from hunger pains as I did on other diets. I feel full faster and stay full longer. I don’t have any headaches or pain. Sirtfoods are anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I’ve definitely noticed those health benefits.

Did you find the diet easy to follow?

Yes, it was easy for me. At first, I made my Green Juice on a daily basis, but found it to be messy and time consuming; so, I started making them once a week and freezing them. Then, I came up with the idea of making them in powder form which is very convenient and makes no mess. That's when I created the Organic Sirtfood Green Juice!

What are some of your favorite aspects about the Sirtfood Diet?

I have a blast creating Sirtfood meals and snacks by adding my favorite Sirtfoods to them. I created an Organic Sirtfood Spice Blend, Organic Sirtfood Buckwheat Blueberry and Goji Cereal Blends, and an Organic Sirtfood Trail Mix. It’s fun for me – I just never stop creating.

What are some of your favorite Sirtfoods/Sirtfood meals?

I have so many now, because everything I've made has been delicious. On the top of my list so far is Caprese Chicken, Shrimp Stir-Fry with Buckwheat Ramen Noodles, Sirtfood Pizza, Buckwheat Bread, and Sirtfood Chocolate Balls.

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to start The Sirtfood Diet?

It's easier than you think. You can customize the plan to your taste and lifestyle. Sirtfoods enhance and super charge any diet such as Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Plant Based, and more. It’s not about restriction, but about adding. The makes it easier than ever to live a Sirtfood Life as we provide you with the hardest-to-find Sirtfoods at the best price!

What made you want to start Sirtfood Store?

It felt like a calling because I've become so passionate about dedicating my life to helping others succeed with Sirtfoods. When I created the Organic Sirtfood Green Juice in powder form, I realized there must be many people out there who had the same problem trying to make the Green Juice every day in a juicer. Same with the Organic Sirtfood Spice Blend – instead of taking all the different spices out of the cabinet every day and putting them back, now it's just in one convenient bag. There weren’t any Organic Sirtfood Cereal Blends I could find, and it was time consuming to constantly put all the ingredients together every morning, so I created a couple of blends for ease-of-use.

Also, the diet originated in the UK and some of the ingredients, terms, and measurements are hard to understand and find in the US. I was determined to find and make available Organic Sirtfoods, especially the buckwheat items to make it easier for people to live a Sirtfood Life. I'm in the process of writing a book about the Sirtfood Life for the US including a diet plan, snack plan and recipes. We are here to help you any way we can so that you succeed on The Sirtfood Diet. Please email ( or call us (912-271-5365). We can't wait to help you on your journey to better health and happiness. Many Blessings!

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